Graphic Design Portfolio

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 Dare Granola

Dare Granola is a product campaigning against Kelloggs Cornflakes which were released to attempt to reduce masturbation. Mr Kelloggs believed that a particularly bland cereal would reduce peoples sexual urges; he was very religious and saw sex as a sin. However Dare Granola goes against this. It comes in three flavours which are definitely not bland! Eating Dare Granola means you are rebelling against Mr Kellogg and sticking up for your sexual rights. Dare Granola is all about being rebellious and voicing your opinions.

Shillington student brief.

Diamond Dogs

David Bowie is the epitomy of glitz and glamour.  He was, and still is idolised by many through his iconic music and style. However there is more to this lifestyle and this is explored in his album ‘Diamond Dogs’. We can understand how Bowie was describing the aftermath of glamour. The reality of fame is not as it all seems but is oozing with corruption and decay. The album explores this reality and what appears from the outside is not what goes on in the inside. I focused on this concept on my re-design for the album cover using a glittery banana skin having been unpeeled to reveal the mouldy banana inside.
Shillington student brief.

 Dog eat dog?

Protecting the environment should be a key topic for all of us. One of the most effective ways to do this is through reducing meat consumption. Meat farming is highly unsustainable and is damaging our planet. Many people are now aware of this and are doing what they can by becoming vegetarian, however not many people have considered their pets meat consumption. I  have aimed to shock and enthrall people using the ‘Dog eat dog’ message which aims to make people think about what is in their dogs food and its effect on the environment.
Shillington student brief.

Wander Magazine

Wander magazine is a counterculture travel magazine with rebellious roots. The articles are adventurous as the journalists explore unexpected countries discovering the beauty of places which have not yet been trampled by tourists. I have explored this intrigue on this issues front cover expressing a sense of mystery by portraying the weird and the wonderful. I have also shown this in the ‘Wild West’ article focusing on the vibrancy of the place using an expressive colour palette with powerful black and white imagery.

Shillington student brief.

 Athens Identity

Athens may seem like an old boring city to many but there is so much more to it that this. It is the ever-changing, the ever-lasting, and the ever-surprising city. Athens is a place for discovery and intrigue. There is something for everyone. The city is full of character and is forever unpredictable. In the re-branding of the city I aimed to entice a wider demographic than the history enthusiasts the city usually attracts but to anyone up for adventure and with a curious eye.
Shillington student brief.